Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Original departure day

Today has been a bit strange.  I was meant to be leaving for Chad today and over the last few months everything was geared towards 30th April.  Now it's here, and I'm still in Torquay!  I've kept thinking 'I would've been at Heathrow now'....'I'd have been in transit at Paris Charles de Gaulle now' and right at this moment, as I type, I'm thinking 'I'd have been an hour away from landing in Chad now'.  It's strange to think that rather than sitting in my friend's house in Torquay typing this post, I'd have been an hour away from landing in a different culture and all that that would bring with it.

However, I am now preparing myself for a new departure date of 14th May and in the meantime I am making the most of still being in the UK.  I am enjoying the sunshine but the relative cool of the UK compared with Chad (where it's around 40 degrees centigrade at 9pm).  I am enjoying seeing friends over coffee.  I am enjoying still being by the sea.

Today I met a dear friend at Meadfoot Beach and spent a lovely couple of hours chatting and looking out at this fantastic view:


I am so going to miss the sea!

I am also making the most of still being near my fab french teacher Justine and doing a bit more practice of my français.

I am also going to see more of my family too.  I wouldn't have been able to do any of this if I had gone to Chad today.  So I am making to the most of the delay in departure.  However I am also keen to get there now and do what I've been preparing myself for months to do!

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