Saturday, 27 April 2013

Small change of plan

I've now been on career break from work for two weeks.  It's been surreal not going to work every day but it's also been great, as it's meant I can concentrate on seeing people before I go, buying supplies for my trip and generally just get my head around the fact that I'm going to Chad.  Soon.  More on that in a moment!

The 'to-do' list has been long and as soon as I have crossed something off, two things have been added, so there was a time last week where it just felt never-ending.  The tasks have been varied which was good!  Here's a sample of the things I've been having to think about before I go

- making a will (weird experience but had to be done)
- sorting my work indemnity insurance
- buying ankle-length skirts
- writing thank you cards
- letting people know I've put them down as emergency contacts (thank you, you know who you are!)
- buying mosi-net treatment
- buying a spare laptop battery
- syncing my ipod nano
- buying an abundant supply of AA batteries
- going to the dentist
- handing over Girls Brigade
- having French lessons
- buying a travel fan
- learning how my solar-powered battery charger works
- taking oral cholera vaccine
- giving mum details so she can apply for a new driving license for me when mine expires June 2013
- sorting direct debits out
- etc etc etc the list just goes on and on!

I've also been meeting up with friends for coffee, going out for meals and just generally enjoying being with the people I know well.  That's been fantastic but also difficult, knowing that it'll be the last time for a while.

Putting your life on hold for a year and preparing for life in a different culture is one major all-consuming task.  However it'll be worth it!

You'll notice there's a lot of mention of batteries in the 'to-do' list!  This is because the hospital is not on the grid and is mainly reliant on solar power.  Therefore I won't have a lot of electricity at my disposal, so I'm going armed with as much alternative means of power as I can!

So, the title of this post is 'small change of plan'.  Due to circumstances beyond anyones control, I've not yet got my visa through to enter the country.  I've known there was a potential issue with this for a few weeks now.  It has now meant that my departure to Chad will now be delayed by a couple of weeks and my flights have been rescheduled to 14th May.  I'm sad that I won't be going on my originally planned date.  However I will get to Chad when I'm meant to get there :)  In the meantime, the extra couple of weeks will allow me to enjoy being in the UK for a bit longer and see a few more people.  I'm especially excited that I get to see my dear friends Bex and Andy get their 'handshake' at the Baptist Assembly in Blackpool next weekend :) 

'Every cloud.....' :)

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  1. Have an amazing time Claire, they are lucky to have someone as lovely as you to help them, good luck, will miss you, i will keep checking your blog
    lots of love Sonia xx