Saturday, 29 July 2017

Two homes......the sequel

Dear Chad

Three months ago, I was sat in your dusty, hot, dry climes, typing a letter to the Western world.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to find it being back in my ‘other home’.

Now, I’m just five days away from returning to you, and I’m wondering how that will feel.
I’m going to sit in that metal bird (aka aeroplane) and in the matter of about 10 hours, be transported to my ‘other home’, in a completely different world.

Yes, I’ve been in my ‘other home’ for almost three months.  I’ve enjoyed copious cups of Costa coffee (I only had to go to Starbucks once, cos there was no Costa at that particular service station!), I’ve eaten lots of bacon, I’ve eaten lots of cake, I’ve spoken English 100% of the time, I’ve felt cold almost the whole time (and mostly enjoyed it….either that or I made myself enjoy it because it will soon be an alien concept), I’ve seen lots of the UK on the 3,500 miles I’ve driven to visit Churches and tell them about the work at Guinebor, I’ve enjoyed fast internet, I’ve enjoyed knowing how things ‘tick’ and how processes work, I’ve caught up with a lot of family and friends and I’ve made fun memories to take back with me.  

I’m looking forward to seeing all my Chadian colleagues at the hospital.  I’m looking forward to seeing my friends who live in N’Djamena.  I’m looking forward to seeing more blue sky than I can shake a stick at (!).  I’m looking forward to getting back to ‘real life’, as it is for me now.

However, since I’ve left, you’ve started rainy season.  Oh joy!  The humidity!  The mud!  The lakes and ponds!  I’m grateful that I’ve a more powerful vehicle now to power through on the ‘road’ into town.  I really dread getting stuck, although I’d soon find people to help dig/push me out, I’m sure.  I can’t begrudge you the desperately needed water and irrigation.  It will be strange to see the desert landscape that I left in May, having been transformed into a green pasture that will last a few short months. 

So Chad, I’ll see you soon for our next epic adventure at the hospital in the desert (currently green, watery, muddy quagmire)

UK passport holder returning to Chad

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