Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Free spa treatments

What?!  I hear you cry.  Free spa treatments?!  Where do I sign up?!

The answer: Chad!  Come to Chad and you too can experience the following three spa treatments, usually attracting a hefty charge in salons across the Western world, for absolutely nothing!  See, it’s not all dust and excessive temperatures here!  The only downside is that you get no choice as to when you receive your ‘treatment’.  You get what you pay for I guess…….

1.       Free facial exfoliation
You can experience a free facial exfoliation at any time, but more commonly during the first three months of the year, when it’s harmattan season.  Strong winds will pick up speed in seconds.  Couple that with the fact it won’t have rained for at least three months, which means there’s dust aplenty and there you have it – a free face scrub! 

2.       Free colonic irrigation
Foreign bugs can sometimes play havoc with your digestive system, however well you filter your water, disinfect your fruit and veg and wash your hands.  I don’t need to say any more! 

3.       Free sauna
With temperatures currently at a daytime high of 45C in the shade, you sweat.  A lot.  Even though the humidity is usually fairly low.  So every day it’s like walking around in a huge sauna.  Great for the pores, there’s no chance of having spots here!

Chad is a country of many surprises.  I may be able to add to this list in the future!


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