Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Parisian food

Someone from my home church suggested I do a blog on the food here in France (thanks for the idea Tania!).  So coming up is a photo blog which shows some of the interesting foods I’ve tried so far…..plus an extra picture at the end!

Now we all need to eat and when you’re in France, there is no shortage of interesting things to try.  At my organisation’s training centre (IMC), which I’ve mentioned numerous times before on this blog, we were taught many things by the wonderful mission trainers (big-up to Mark, Claire, Phil, Arthur and Nicky!).  One of the main things that we were reminded of was the importance of embracing the new cultures that we would find ourselves in and that we should try new things, including the food.  Food is an important aspect of daily life in all cultures.  Not just for sustenance of life but also for engaging in hospitality and the local community and building friendships.  However, the foods in other countries are sometimes not what we would naturally choose to eat.  It’s important that we do all we can to honour our new communities and taste and eat local food.  It is not great, from both a hospitality angle and from a learning-about-new-cultures angle, to be like the somewhat-hapless traveller Karl Pilkington, who states the following in discussion with Michael Palin:

‘…you can still travel and pick up quite a lot and see the world, without eating their food’

I agree with Michael Palin’s response to him:

‘I don’t see how you can do that.  I think food is so important to get to know, to get the feel, of how people live’

(quotes are taken from this YouTube clip.  If you click on the link, please be aware that it contains some words that some people may find offensive).

To be honest, 'eating their food' is not too arduous a task here in France!  There was one dish I tried, that I had to ‘because I am in France’, that I’m not sure I’d rush to eat again…..I’ll leave you to decide which one that was!

So, here are some pictures of some of the foods I’ve eaten during my first seven weeks in France….enjoy!

Fantastic bread

More fantastic bread!

Croissants for breakfast

Mmmm mmmm

Got to support local business right?!

Mmmm mmmm (and no I didn't eat them all myself!)

A third of the cheese aisle at the local hypermarket!

Oooh what is this implement for?!  See next picture!

Yes, I ate a snail....it was ok....ish!


Crêpe with sugar

Crêpe with chocolate and chantilly cream

Crême brulée

and here's the final picture.  I saw this advert in the local hypermarket.  Not something you'd see for sale at a supermarket in the UK that's for sure!  For those who are wondering, no I didn't buy one.  But I'd eat it if it was served up for me!

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  1. Hey Claire - So happy I encouraged you to write - this is such a fun article and so right about immersing in culture through food. Am very jealous of all the pastries and breads you are getting to sample and well done for eatng the snail, you're braver than I am!