Sunday, 11 August 2013

Things I miss and things I like!

I thought I’d document what I miss from home and things that I like here in Chad J

Things I miss:
·         Sleeping under a duvet

·         Fast broadband internet

·        Going to a shop and being able to get change - coins are in short supply here and most times at the shops they ask if you’ve got coins.  Which can be a bit annoying if you’re trying to save them to buy smaller value items such as bread or fruit from road-side vendors

·         Being able to easily buy meat that’s ready to cook

·         A more comfortable climate – although see below too!!

·         Looking like ‘me’ – I don’t normally have my hair tied up and under a headscarf for the majority of the day, nor do I always wear ankle-length skirts

·         Being able to converse freely and accurately in the native language

Things I like about Chad:
·         Blue skies and sunshine 95% of the time

·         Bananas that taste like banana – trust me, the ones in the UK are tasteless in comparison!

·         Colourful and busy markets

·         Fresh baguettes for the equivalent of 15p

·         Vibrant Church services

·         Meeting people from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds

·         Working alongside other expats and Chadians at the hospital

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