Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wimbledon: Arabic style!

Last Saturday a few of us expats went to our friend’s house.....cos she has cable TV and invited us to watch some Wimbledon!  So three of us from the compound here at Guinebor II Hospital went into town, armed with home-made scones and chocolate brownies.  After everyone had arrived there were three Brits, two Americans, a Dutch girl and a Swiss girl (who was very despondent that Federer had already gone out!!).  We enjoyed some lovely food that people had brought and sat down to watch a match.  Our friend’s cable TV is Arabic and so the commentary was in Arabic.  It was a bit strange not having the usually John McEnroe, Tim Henman and Sue Barker trio giving us the lowdown.  What was even more strange was the fact that the studio presenter on the cable channel was in full Arabic dress.  I suppose it’s not that strange that Arabic TV presenters wear Arabic clothing, but it was strange to see as a Westerner.  A few times they cut over to a correspondent at Wimbledon and had both presenters on the screen at the same time.  See picture below.  This is Wimbledon Arabic style!

We had a fun afternoon chilling out and watching a game.  Us Brits were sooooo excited when a shot of Sue Barker came on screen.....although she was muted!  So this was another slightly different experience here in Chad!

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